cucina italiana
cucina italiana

M e n u     E n g l i s h

Antipasti  - Starters


Bruschetta     3 piece   2,90

with diced tomatoes in herbs 


Focaccia classica with Rosemary,

Salt and Olive oil    5,90


Antipasti della vitrina

Appetizers plate from cabinet           8,90


Filetto di carpaccio            11,90

Wafer thin sliced beef with special sauce,

mushrooms,parmesan and arugula


Vitello tonnato        11,90

Wafer thin sliced fillet of veal in tuna and caper cream


Antipasto freddo all’italianay         12,90

Italian antipasti variations




Zuppe -Soups


Crema di pomodoro Tomatosoup     4,90


Zuppa all’aglio Italian garlic soup     4,90


Minestrone Italian vegetable soup          4,90



Risotto - Rice dishes


Riso con funghi       10,90

with Mushrooms in creme sauce


Riso vegetariano             9,90

with vegetables in a tomato sauce


Riso con frutti di mare     10,90

Rice with seafood



Insalata - Salad

All Salads are served with balsamic mustard vinaigrette


Insalata mista      small          4,50

mixed Salad with balsamic dressing      large    6,90


Insalata Lazio       8,90

mixed Salad withgreen beans, feta cheese, tomatoes and red onions


Insalata rucola       8,90

rocket salad with sunflower seeds, fresh mushrooms,

tomatoes and parmesan


Insalata di tonno      8,90

mixed Salad with tuna & egg


Insalata pollo e        10,90

mixed Salad with fresh mushrooms,

tomatoes and parmesan







All Pizzas topped with mozzarella cheese and tomato basil sauce


Pizza   6,90

with mozzarella and fresh basil


Pizza verdura     8,90

with peppers, eggplant, zucchini and fresh mushrooms


Pizza  Milano    7,90

with salami and mushrooms


Pizza  boccelli        9,90

with fresh mushrooms, ham, salami and pepperoni


Pizza  caprese        9,50

with mozzarella slices, fresh basil and tomatoes slices


Pizza capricciosa        9,90

with fresh mushromms, egg, ham, artichokes and olives


Pizza calabresey       9,90

with spicy italian salami, arugula and parmesan


Pizza  gorgonzola         8,90

with gorgonzola and spinach


Pizza  pavarotti         9,90

with tuna, parsley and onions


Pizza  parmay        9,90

with parma ham, parmesan and arugula


Pizza scampi e gamberetti        10,90

with prawns, crab, parsley and garlic


Pizza   pescatore        10,90

with seafood and garlic


Pizza  lucianoy       9,90

with spicy italian salami, gorgonzola cheese and artichokes


Pizza provinciale         9,90

with spicy italian salami, eggplant, onion and chili oil





Pasta - Noodles


Lasagne vegetariane       9,90

scalloped homemade layer sheet noodles

with vegetables, baked mozzarella


Gnocchi al pomodoro e mozzarella             8,90

potato pasta in tomato sauce and mozzarella


Penne con salsa verde      9,90

tube pasta in a fresh basil sauce

with pine nuts and parmesan


Penne con pollo      11,90

tube pasta with chicken breast

and fresh mushrooms in cream sauce


Rigatoni al fornoyz     9,90

tubular pasta with ham and mushromms

in tomato cream sauce, baked mozzarella


Spaghetti all’amatriciana     9,90

spaghetti with tomato, pancetta and onions


Spaghetti alla puttanesca (spicy)     9,90

spaghetti with anchovies, olives, capers,

fresh tomatoes and basil


Spaghetti con scampi       12,90

spaghetti with prawns in a spicy tomato sauce


Tagliatelle  Salmone e Zucchini     12,90

taglietelle with salmon piece, zucchini  and onions

in cherry tomato and dill cream sauce


Tagliatelle  Boscaiola      11,90

noodles with pork tips, mushrooms and onions

in a light tomato cream sauce


Tortelloni giganti

con gorgonzola-mascarpone    10,90

stuffed spinach and ricotta pasta

in gorgonzola and mascarpone sauce


Spaghetti  aglio olio e peperoncini (spicy)   8,90

spaghetti with olive oil, hot peppers, fresh herbs and garlic


Tagliatelle genovese e pinoli      9,90

noodles with pine nuts and parmesan in a homemade pesto sauce                                                                                      

Ravioli di farro con pomodori secchi olive - vegan-      11,90

homemade spelled ravioli stuffed with dried tomatoes,

olives and fresh herbs

in a spicy cherry tomato basil sauce




P e s c e  F i s h

for all fish dishes are served with a small salad to start


Calamari castellana    12,90

grilled squid on rocket 


Scampi e calamari alla livornese   14,90

prawns and squid in tomato sauce with salad


Salmone  alla griglia    14,90

grilled salmon filet with spinach, potatoes and salad


Salmone in salsa di aragosta          15,90

salmon filet with crab and fresh mushrooms lobster

in champagne sauce, served with rice


Lucio al burro        14,90

pike perch in butter- sage sauce,

served with potatoes and salad





Carne  -Meat dishes

for all meat dishes are served with a small salad to start



Petto di pollo in salsa di pepe verde   13,50

chicken breast filet in green pepper sauce

served with rigatoni and broccoli


Medaglioni ai funghi       13,50

pigs-filetmedaillions with fresh mushrooms

in cream sauce and rice as a side dish


Medaglioni al pepe verde    13,90

pigs-filetmedaillions in cream sauce with green pepper

served with seasonal vegetables and rosemary potatoes


Medaglioni di gorgonzola      13,90

pigs-filetmedaillions in gorgonzola sauce,

with seasonal vegetables and rosemary potatoes


Saltimbocca alla romanay                14,90

pigs-filetmedaillions in parma ham in sage and white wine

served with seasonal vegetables and rosemary potatoes


Fegato di vitello veneziano           15,90

calf's liver with fried mushrooms and onions

in a white wine sauce

served with broccoli and rosemary potatoes







Bottlewine– white

vintage changes reserved




I.G.T.Bianco Puglia,Cantine San Giorgio 2018


A straw yellow color with fresh scent of exotic fruits,

reminiscent of flowers.


Inzolia Paolini

D.O.C. Cantine Paolini, Sicilia, 100% Inzolia, 2018


It's bright yellow, the fresh scent of exotic fruits

with its spicy nuances and delicate acidity give this wine quality,

should preferably be drunk young, his real pleasure.



I.G.T Terre Sicilia, Duca di Castelmonte  2018


A straw yellow color with brilliant gold shimmer.

The bouquet is fresh and fruoty, reminiscent af flowers.

On the papate, this Diantha is crisp, dry and very elegant.


Gibele Zibibbo

I.G.P Terre Siciliae, Sicilia, 2018


The color of the Gibele is straw yellow with golden reflections.

His intence, pleasant scent carries the notes of exotic fruits

and spices. The flovor is pronounced and balanced.



D.O.C.G-  Tasca D‘Almerita, Sicilia 2018


The color of the Regaleali is straw yellow with greenish reflections.

In the fragrance blossoms rich, intense and memorable

the Regaleali developed a fresh and full-bodied taste that melts on the tongue.




Bottlewine - red

vintage changes reserved


Montepulciano d`Abruzzo

D. O. C. Poggio ai Santi, Abruzzen  2016


A light, fine fruity wine. The taste is velvety and dry.



IGT Luccarelli, Puglia 2016


Intense ruby red. Characteristic aroma of the grape.

Aromas of black berry and cherry.

The taste is very round and fascinating warm.


Salice Salentino

D.O.C. Puglia  Tinazzi/Feudo di Santa Croce


Deep red colr. A well-rounded and long lasting taste,

delicate, subtle and expressive.

In the intense and fruity fragrance with aromas af hibiscus,

blueberries and sage.



D.O.C. Puglia  Tinazzi/ Feudo di Santa Croce 2016


In the intense ruby red color. The bouquet includes a fruity

fragrance wild fruits,

the taste has notes of red fruit, enjoyable.


Barbera D`Asti

S.P.A Bersano, Costalunga 2016


Ruby red color with a pleasant aromatic flovor.

The aroma reminded of blueberries and spices.




Ice Cream & Dessert



Children dreamu     3,30

Strawberry and chocolate ice cream


Mixed Iceu       4,50

Three different flavors of ice cream with cream


Hot LOVEu       5,50

Bourbon vanilla ice cream with hot cherries,

Cherry liqueur and cream


Soft ANGELu        4,90

Bourbon vanilla ice cream in orange juice with Bacardi


Icecoffeeu        3,50

with bourbon vanilla ice cream  and whipped cream


Ice chocolateu         3,90

with bourbon vanilla ice cream and whipped cream


Zabaione              4,90

Egg foam dessert with vanilla ice cream and Marsala


Panna Cotta         4,50

Homemade with fruit sauce


Tiramisu      4,90





We offer you daily fresh dessert

in our dessert showcase




Hot drinks


Tasse Kaffee                                                 2,40

Tasse Espresso                                             2,20

Tasse Cappuccino                                        2,50

Tasse Milchkaffee                                        2,60

Latte Macchiato                           Glas        2,70

Schokolade mit Sahne                  Glas        2,90

Schwarzer Tee                             Glas         2,20

Kamillentee                                 Glas         2,20

Pfefferminztee                             Glas         2,20

Hagebuttentee                             Glas         2,20

Früchtetee                                   Glas         2,20

Grüner Tee                                  Glas         2,20

Kräutertee                                   Glas         2,20


Non-alcoholic drinks


Coca Colauv Fantauz Spritez      0.2 l          2,30

Faßbrauseu                                 0.2 l          2,30

Orange / Rhabarba (Fruchtsaftgetränk)      0.2 l          2,50

Apfel(Fruchtsaftgetränk)                             0.2 l          2,50

Kirsch (Fruchtsaftgetränk)                          0.2 l          2,50

Banane (Fruchtsaftgetränk)                        0.2 l           2,50

Ananas(Fruchtsaftgetränk)                         0.2 l          2,50

Maracuja (Nektar)                            0.2 l           2,50

Saftschorle Saft & Tafelwasser                   0.2 l          2,30

Malztrunu                                  0.2 l          2,50

Schweppeu G. Ale B. Lemon  - Tonic           0.2 l          2,50

Bonacqua (Tafelwasser)                         0.2 l          2,20

Acqua Panna (Stilles Wasser)      Flasche   0.25 l          2,50

Acqua Panna (Stilles Wasser)      Flasche   0.75 l          5,90

San Pellegrino               Flasche    0.25 l          2,50

San Pellegrino               Flasche     0.75 l          5,90



Beer from draft

                                                  0.3 l             0.4 l

Warsteiner Premium                 2,90           3,30

Warsteiner Herb                        2,90           3,30




Warsteiner Herb                        0.33 l          2,90

Warsteiner  (alkoholfrei)                      0.33 l          2,90

Corona Extraz                           0.33 l          3,50

König Ludwig Kristallweizen                  0.5 l          3,50

König Ludwig Hefeweizen hell                 0.5 l          3,50

König Ludwig Hefeweizen dunkel              0.5 l           3,50

König Ludwig Hefeweizen-alkoholfrei           0.5 l           3,50


 Open white wine


Frizzantino Italien, weiß, Perlwein            0,2 l           3,50

                                                  0,5 l           8,50

Chardonnay  Italien,  I.G.T. trocken          0,2 l          4,30

                                                  0,5 l           9,90

Pinot Grigio Italien, I.G.T. trocken           0,2 l           4,50

                                                  0,5 l         10,90

Weißweinschorle                    0,2 l          3,50

weinhaltiges Mixgetränk                                0,5 l           8,50


Open red wine


Lambrusco Italien, Perlwein, lieblich            0,2 l          3,50

                                                  0,5 l          8,50

Cabernet del Veneto Italien I.G.T.   trocken   0,2 l          4,30

                                                  0,5 l          9,90

Chianti Rufina Italien, D.O.C.G. trocken    0,2 l          4,50

                                                  0,5 l        10,90

Rioja Spanien, D.O.C. trocken                     0,2 l          4,90

                                                  0,5 l        11,90

Rotweinschorle                      0,2 l          3,50

weinhaltiges Mixgetränk                                0,5 l          8,50



Open rosé wine


Chiaretto BardolinoItalien, I.G.T.   Rosé

0,2 l    4,90 €         0,5 l    11,90


Grappa 2 cl


Grappa (Hausmarke)    3,50


Grappa di Chardonnay 42 Vol.-% Bertagnolli   4,90

weißer Grappa mit eleganten Aromen des Chardonnay,

weich und gradlinig im Geschmack


Grappa Selezione 41 Vol.-% Bertagnolli   5,90

weißer Tresterschnaps aus dem Trentino, sauber und etwas raubeinig


Grappa Premium    7,90

Diverse Premium  Grappasorten


Prosecco – Cava -Champagne


Prosecco (Hausmarke)     0.1 l          3,50


Casal Mirandes Brut Spain  CAVA   0.75 l        25,90


Prosecco Valdo                          0.75 l        25,90


Veuve Clicquot                           0.75 l       79,00


Long drinks 4 cl


Cuba Libreuv Havana Club, Cola, Limetten   5,50

Campariu Orange  / Soda                                 5,50

Bacardiuv Cola  / Orange                             5,50

Gin Tonicw                                   5,50

Whisky Colauv                         5,50

Wodkaw mit Tonic / Lemon / Saft / Cola        4,90

Weinbrand Colauv           4,90

Premium Mixuv        5,90

Longdrinks mit Premiummarken


Whisky on the Rocks


Johnnie Walkeru - Ballantinesu- Jim Beam

Glen Granu­- Teachersu - Charles Houseu

4 cl                4,90

Jack Daniel’s -  Paddyu- Four Roses

Dimple 12 u-  Chivas Regalu-   Glen Fiddisu

4 cl                5,90


Single-Malt-WhiskyuDiv. Sorten

2 cl                5,90



Exotic Cocktails


Caipirinha            6,90

Cachaça Pitú, Limette, brauner Zucker


Singapore Slingu       6,90

Gin, Cherry Brandy, Zucker, Soda, Zitrone


Flying Cangoroouy G    7,90

Wodka, Galliano, Havana Club, Kokossirup, Sahne, Ananassaft, Orangensaft


Sex on the Beachuy     7,90

Wodka, Melonenlikör, Pepino Peach, Grenadine,

Orangensaft, Ananassaft, Limejuice, Zitrone


Cosmopolitanuy     7,50

Wodka, Triple Sec, Cranberrysaft, Grenadine, Limejuice, Zitrone


Latin Lovery           7,50

Tequila, Cachaça, Ananassaft, Rose's Limejuice, Zitronensaft


Tequila Sunriseuy            6,90

Tequila, Grenadine, Orangensaft


Titti TwisteruyG          7,90

Havana Club, Bacardi, Creme de Banane, Sahne, Vanille, Maracuja


Pink Pantheruy     7,90

Havana Club, Grenadine, Rose's Limejuice, Grapefruitsaft, Zitronensaft


Planter's Punchuy         7,90

Meyer’s Rum, Grenadine, Zitronensaft, Orangensaft


Mai Taiuy                            8,50

Meyer’s Rum, Captan Morg., Apricot Brandy, Limejuice, Limette, Minze


Long Island Ice Teauv     8,90

Havanna Club, Gin, Wodka, Tripl sec, Orangensaft, Cola, Limette


1 -mit Farbstoff, 2- koffeinhaltig, 3- chininhaltig,  4- mit süßungsmittel/n

5- Konservierungsstoff, 6- Antioxidationsmittel, 7- enthält eine henylalaninquelle,

A-enthält Glutenhaltiges Getreide sowie daraus hergestellte Erzeugnisse.

Weizen (20W), Roggen(20R), Gerste (20G), Hafer (20H),  B-enthält Fisch und Fischerzeugnisse

C- enthält Krebstiere ( Krusten und Schalentiere ) D-enthält Eier und Eiererzeugnisse,

E-enthält Erdnüsse und Erdnusseerzeugnisse   F-enthält Soja und Sojaerzeugnisse

G-enthält Milch und Milcherzeugnisse inklusive Laktose,

H-enthällt Schalenfrüchte und hergestellte Erzeugnisse. Walnuss Haselnuss,

Pekanuss, Pistazie, Mandeln, Makadamianuss, Cashewnuss

I-enthält Sellerie und Sellerieerzeugnisse  J-enthält Senf und Senferzeugnisse

K-enthält Sesamsamen und Sesamsamenerzeugnisse

L-enthält Schwefeldioxid und Sulfite M-enthält Lipine

N-enthält Weichtiere sowie daraus hergestellte Erzeugnisse


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